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​The Benefits of Chiropractic for Athletes

Mobility and flexibility usually differ from the right side to the left side in an athlete as they develop unequal muscular tone due to repetitive motions in their respective sport. This asymmetrical muscular tone causes altered biomechanics (altered movement) and spinal misalignments. The existing asymmetrical muscle tone and altered biomechanics causes the body to function less than perfectly. This can decrease performance potential and could possibly cause pain or injury.

When an athlete is first introduced to chiropractic care, they are usually in the final stage of altered biomechanics which is pain and/or a traumatic injury. The asymmetrical muscular tone and joint alignment put more stress on some tissues than others which predisposes the athlete to a specific injury. To correct this problem, a course of rehabilitation will be developed based on the chronicity of the condition and the characteristics of the symptoms experienced. Through proper assessment, the correction of the spinal misalignments and a functional at home exercise/stretch regimen, symmetrical muscular and skeletal function can be restored.

While correcting these misalignments after an injury occurs is very helpful, we find that it’s even better to address them with preventative maintenance chiropractic before an injury occurs.  By addressing the altered biomechanics and spinal misalignments in advance, we can greatly decrease the likelihood of an injury from occurring or recurring in the first place.

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In today’s ultra-competitive world of sports, athletes look for any edge they can get to emerge victorious over their competition. The physical stress applied to an athlete on the playing field, court, or whatever venue is only a small piece of the stress applied when you consider workouts and/or practice.

Currently all 32 NFL teams employ a chiropractor on their medical staff and 28 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams utilize on-site chiropractic services when at home. These teams invest millions into player personnel to win and produce the best product on the field. And it’s no mystery to them that chiropractic care increases the durability and performance of their athletes.

Chiropractic can reduce the risk of injury, expedite the recovery of existing injuries, and increase the performance of the athlete. With less interference from the symptoms of pain/injury, athletes can maximize time spent on the playing field, allowing them to express their best potential.

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